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Tuesday, 25th of September 2018
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About us

FIALHO FERRO's identity, as well as its image, is the result of not only its economic and financial performance, but also of the group of principles, values, behaviours and options that run through it.

The company's ethic is first and foremost the result of the ethic of its staff. In a global society, having information takes us a step ahead on the way to knowledge. With this in mind, renovation and modernisation forges ahead creating a link between the present, the past and the future.

With confidence and realism we try to gradually consolidate our foundation to project towards the future, whilst remaining aware of our capacities, the technologies we command and of everything that we can perfect and develop.

Our focus on ongoing training for our staff, the purchase of new facilities and innovative technologies has become vital in our view of gradual and progressive change. To quote the words of D.Malloch, "If you can't be the Sun, be a star. Success or failure does not depend on size… But be the best you can be." Bearing this idea in mind we shall do what is needed to prepare our company for the future, not forgetting our mission which will always be the total satisfaction of our CUSTOMERS.

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Today we are a modern company. It is made up of a young team, lead by experience gained over more than 20 years in the plv's, display stand, sign and promotional items sector. The company is located in the centre of Portugal, with access to all the main road networks.We have everything to give our customers a complete service for personalising products and satisfaction in terms of:




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